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Visit this site: http://peabody.vanderbilt.edu/depts/tandl/mted/

Author:Peabody College of Education, Department of Teaching & Learning, Vanderbilt University
Description: Read about research projects such as Computer Mini-Tools for Exploratory Data Analysis; Issues in Diversity and Equity: A Synthesis of Literature Relevant to Mathematics Classrooms which Emphasize Understanding; Developing and Sustaining Technology-Intensive Classrooms Where Mathematics is Learned with Understanding; Investigating Multimedia Case Studies as a Tool for Pre-service Teacher Development; Multiplicative Reasoning as a Foundation for Stochastic Reasoning; Uses of Technology in Standards-based Teacher Education; Mathematizing, Symbolizing, and Communicating; Hypermedia Materials for Elementary Mathematics Teacher Education; and Using Technology to Enhance Middle School Mathematics Teachers' Learning and Instruction. Also link to information about the undergraduate program, graduate program, symposia, news and events, faculty, graduate students, and support staff.

Languages: English
Resource Types: Departments, Articles, Bibliographies
Math Topics: Multiplication, Communicating Math, Data Analysis
Math Ed Topics: Technology in Math Ed, Pre-Service, Staff/Prof Development, Math Ed Research/Reform, Equity

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