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Description: The professional and learned society for qualified and practising mathematicians, based in the UK and with thousands of members worldwide. IMA aims to promote mathematics and its applications in all sectors: industry, commerce, education, the public sector and research. In particular, see IMA's puzzles by Dr Maths, Steve Humble, and other education resources, consultations, reviews and inquiries, links, and events such as Maths on the Quayside. The Institute publishes the IMA Journals of Applied Mathematics; of Numerical Analysis; of Mathematical Control and Information; and of Management Mathematics; as well as the journals Teaching Mathematics and its Applications and Mathematical Medicine and Biology; and Mathematics Today, a bi-monthly periodical that features PDF articles ranging from "Mathematical Composition in the School Curriculum: A Case for the Reintroduction of Logarithm Tables" to "Skill-Based Optimised Aiming in Darts," in which researchers analyzed simulations of a range of skill levels to determine the spread of dart impacts (concluding that the optimal target location is in or near the treble-20 for the most skillful players -- but for the less skilled, aiming at the other parts of the dartboard ensures a higher mean score over time).

Levels: College, Research
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