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Author:Dept. of Mathematics, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria.
Description: This group has formed around Prof. Günter Pilz. One of its main research interests lies in near-rings: generalised rings that might generally be described as rings (N,+,*) where the addition is not necessarily abelian and only one distributive law holds. Or they can be defined axiomatically. Near-rings arise naturally in studying functions on a group (G,+). M(G) = (f:G->G,+,o) is then a near-ring which is not a ring. E(G) the additive group generated by all the endomorphisms of G is an important subnear-ring of M(G) which generalises the concept of of an endomorphism ring on an abelian group to the non-abelian case.

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Math Topics: Rings/Ideals

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