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Space Educators' Handbook

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Visit this site: http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/er/seh/

Author:Jerry Woodfill, NASA Johnson Space Center
Description: For Mac or PC: programs that include more than 2000 files interactively linked for ease of learning about NASA, space science, space history, and space technology. Many well designed and extensively educational files are available from this Web site, and the full programs are also available for downloading. Includes NASA Space Mathematics by Bernice Kastner, Ph.D., with example problems required to explore space covering computation and measurement, algebra, geometry, probability/statistics, exponential/logarithmic functions, trigonometry, matrix algebra, conic sections, and calculus; and a glossary.

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Problems/Puzzles, Dictionaries, Glossaries, Thesauri
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Matrices, Exponents/Roots, Logarithms, Measurement, Calculus (Single Variable), Conic Sections and Circles, Trigonometry, Probability, Statistics, Applications/Connections, Astronomy
Math Ed Topics: Interdisciplinary/Thematic Studies

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