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Author:Nicholls, Hazzard; Math Forum
Description: In their 1993 book Education as Adventure, John Nicholls and Susan Hazzard explore students' understandings of the nature and point of school learning and the idea that students are valuable critics of the classroom curriculum and their own learning. The authors describe the events and experiences of a second grade class, taught by Hazzard and observed by Nicholls, which focused on incorporating students' initiative, collaborative efforts, and innate curiosity and enthusiasm into classroom situations and learning activities. The authors stress the importance of conversation in the classroom as a means of both inviting and responding to students' own thoughts about school learning and education. When students and teachers are involved in dialogue to define and understand learning, Nicholls and Hazzard believe that education becomes an exciting and meaningful journey of discovery. A geometry.pre-college newsgroup discussion.

Levels: Elementary
Languages: English
Resource Types: Discussion Archives, Books
Math Ed Topics: Non-traditional, Pedagogical Research

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