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Exploring the Space of Cellular Automata

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Visit this site: http://alife.santafe.edu/alife/topics/ca/caweb/

Author:Langton, Hayden, Gutowitz, Carr, Fraser
Description: Cellular automata (CA) are discrete space/time logical universes, obeying their own local physics according to given rules. Space in CA is partitioned into discrete volume elements called "cells" and time progresses in discrete steps. Each cell of space is in one of a finite number of states at any one time. This site lets you explore the evolution of 1-dimensional CA. Applications of CA: chaos theory, artificial intelligence, computer science, physics, biology, and other topics. See the ALIFE Beginner's Guide.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Math Topics: Cellular Automata, Chaos, Biology, Formal Languages and Automata, Physics

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