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A Mathematica Package for Studying Posets

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Visit this site: http://www.haverford.edu/math/cgreene/posets.html

Author:Curtis Greene, Haverford College
Description: Download Macintosh, Windows, or ASCII versions of posets22d, a Mathematica package for generating, displaying, and exploring partially ordered sets (also known as "posets"), with an emphasis on combinatorics. The package can generate a poset directly from the formal definition given by its covering function, and includes standard constructions of new posets from old: product and sum, subposet, distributive lattice of order ideals. posts22d's repertoire of standard examples includes Boolean lattices, subword posets, lattices of partitions, distributive lattices, Young's lattice, and Bruhat orders. With documentation and a sample gallery of posets, graphics generated by the package.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Documents/Sketches/Galleries, Mathematica
Math Topics: Combinatorics, Order/Lattices

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