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Author:Tom Leathrum
Description: Applets for precalculus topics such as lines and slopes, parabolas, periodic functions, roots of polynomials, exponential functions, conic sections, and systems of linear equations; for basic calculator and graphing calculators such as an expression-based calculator, graphing functions, tracing graphs of functions, graphing in polar coordinates, and graphing parametric equations; three-dimensional graphing topics such as points, lines, and vectors, rectangular coordinates, cylindrical coordinates, spherical coordinates, parametric paths, and parametric surfaces; and calculus topics such as limits, continuity, secant lines, tangent lines, derivative calculator, the mean value theorem, Newton's method, concavity, definite integrals, areas between two curves, Riemann sums, numerical integration, substitution, integration by parts, Taylor polynomials, sequences and series, Jacobian, differential equations, vector fields and phase plots, divergence and curl, vector fields and phase plots in three dimensions, systems of differential equations, and T-N-B frame. Also, Bezier curves and extended exploration into exponential functions and their derivatives.

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Linear Algebra, Calculus (Single Variable), Differential Equations, Functions

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