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Visit this site: http://www.crystalmaker.co.uk/crystalmaker/

Description: A Macintosh program to display and manipulate all kinds of crystal structures. Using the free companion program, CrystalDiffract, CrystalMaker files can be used to generate x-ray and neutron powder diffraction patterns. Main features: In "Photo-Colour" mode, models are photo-realistically rendered. Depth cueing and perspective can be used to further emphasize the 3-d effect. Additional plot modes are available (in colour and black-and-white) which are particularly suitable for diagrams in journals or lecture handouts. Offers click-and-drag real-time rotation of crystal structures and a "rotator" control panel lets you specify precise rotation angles. You may also specify view directions as lattice vectors or plane normals, change the plot range and display up to 9000 atoms and 2000 polyhedra, zoom in or out, or specify a scale manually. Information about bonding environments is available on screen or may be saved, together with bond angle and nearest-neighbour coordination data, in a text file. Copy and paste crystal plots to other programs, or export images in PICT format, as QuickDraw pictures, for editing in drawing programs; save crystals as double-clickable binary files for fast re-display. These files can contain full crystal structural information, display preferences, and notebook text. Demos are available for downloading.

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
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Math Topics: Higher-Dimensional Geometry, Chemistry

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