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Author:Carl Reimann, Moderator; R&R Publishers, Inc.
Description: HEPROC is a community of educators who serve each other as networking partners. Comprising 2200 members in 40 countries, and over a dozen forums covering specialized subjects, HEPROC can help with research and informational needs. Explore forum topics; Subscribe to forums; Send a research question to the forum of your choice; or Read HEPROC's Core Values. There are caucuses (with digests) for portfolio evaluation of faculty, technology access and mastery, emerging disciplines, and enrollment and access; and topical forums for such higher education themes as assessment, course development, demographic transitions, faculty development, institutional culture and development, learning contracts, multiple intelligences, student involvement, technology adaptations, teaching and learning, and transformational learning.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Discussion Archives, Mailing Lists
Math Ed Topics: Assessment/Testing, Special Contexts, Technology in Math Ed, Curriculum/Materials Development

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