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Author:Dr. Weiguang Huang
Description: The Java applet Visual Math is an online symbolic math and computer algebra system powered by SymbMath. SymbMath (an abbreviation for Symbolic Mathematics) is a symbolic, numeric and graphic computing environment that performs exact numeric, symbolic and graphic computation; is a programming language allowing definition of conditional, case, piecewise, recursion, multi-value functions and procedures, derivatives, integrals and rules; accepts user-defined functions; offers a searchable database; and plots functions, polar, parametric, data, and list. Runs on PCs under MS-DOS requiring only 400 KB free memory. Download Visual Math for Java, SymbMath, Polar for Windows (electrochemical simulation and data analysis), and SepPeak (separator of overlapping signals). Also available at http://www.DrHuang.net, this site also archives journal reviews and a mailing list for visualmath software.

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
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