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Reflections on Deep Blue

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Author:Keith Devlin (Devlin's Angle)
Description: We generally assume that the ability to play a good game of chess requires intelligence when it comes to people. Why not for chess-playing machines as well? Well, here is one argument that shows that things are not so simple. One aspect of human intelligence, and a regular component of tests designed to measure intelligence in children and adults seeking employment, is skill at arithmetic. And yet a ten dollar calculator can outperform almost any human being when it comes to arithmetic. Does it follow that a calculator is intelligent? Most people would answer, "No." How about the ability to solve algebraic equations?... One difficulty in deciding whether or not to ascribe 'intelligence' to a computer system is that we must first be clear just what we mean by intelligence. Unfortunately, though most of us might feel that we know intelligence when we see it in other people, science has yet to come up with an acceptable definition.

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