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Why 2001 Won't Be 2001

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Author:Keith Devlin (Devlin's Angle)
Description: "It's a good story... But how realistic is the behavior of HAL? We don't yet have computers capable of genuinely independent thought, nor do we have computers we can converse with using ordinary language. True, there have been admirable advances in systems that can perform useful control functions requiring decision making, and there are working systems that recognize and produce speech. But they are all highly restricted in their scope. You get some idea of what is and is not possible when you consider that it has taken AT&T over thirty years of intensive research and development to produce a system that can recognize the three words 'yes', 'no', and 'collect' with an acceptable level of reliability for a range of accents and tones. Despite the oft-repeated claims that 'the real thing' is just around the corner, the plain fact is that we are not even close to building computers that can reproduce human capabilities in thinking and using language. And according to an increasing number of experts, we never will...."

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