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Author:Steven Locke; Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Florida Atlantic University
Description: A brief history of graph theory, with basic definitions and problem sets based on the texts. Topics investigated include: Automorphism Group, Bicentral Tree, Binding Number, Bond Space, Cage, Central Tree, Characteristic Polynomial, Chromatic Polynomial, Clique (complete subgraph), Colourings, Cocycle Space, 2-Commondity Flows, k-Connected, Connectivity, Contractions and Deletions, Corank, Cubic (3-regular), Cycle Double Cover, Cycle Space, Diconnected, Dirac's Theorems, Eccentricity, Edge Induced Subgraphs, Edge Transitive, 5-Flow Conjecture, Forests, Girth, Graceful Labellings, Heuristics (Colouring), Idiosyncratic Polynomial, Induced Subgraphs, Isomorphism and Matrices, Linear Spaces, Matrix Tree Theorem, Matroids, Menger's Theorems, Pancyclic, Path, Perfect Graphs, Ramsey Numbers, Rank Polynomial, (Some) Standard Texts, Toughness, Trail, Trees, Tutte Polynomial, Unsolved Problems, Vertex Transitive, and Walk.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Articles, Dictionaries, Glossaries, Thesauri
Math Topics: Graph Theory

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