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Author:Richard Palais
Description: 3D-XplorMath creates visualizations of mathematical objects and processes. This tool has built-in algorithms for displaying mathematical objects such as plane curves, space curves, surfaces, conformal maps, polyhedra, ordinary and partial differential equations, and fractals. It also displays various animations associated with these categories, and provides content as well as viewing and animation tools: each category has a gallery of pre-programmed objects. 3D-XplorMath runs native under both Intel-based Macs and on PowerPC-based Macs, and updates Palais' Classic (Macintosh OS 9) 3D-Filmstrip program. See also the cross-platform Java version, 3D-XplorMath-J, and the Virtual Math Museum gallery of exhibits created with 3D-XplorMath.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics, Video, Documents/Sketches/Galleries, General Software Miscellaneous
Math Topics: Graphing Equations, Calculus of Variations/Optimal Control, Complex Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Fractals, Polyhedra, Euclidean Plane Geometry, Mechanics of Particle Systems

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