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MuPAD: Multi Processing Algebra Data tool

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Author:The MuPAD Group at University of Paderborn
Description: MuPAD is a general purpose computer algebra system for symbolic and numerical computations. Users can view the library code, implement their own routines and data types, and can also dynamically link C/C++ compiled modules to meet their preferences for speed and flexibility. In addition to basic data types like numbers, polynomials, strings, lists, sets, and many more, domains are used to define new data types. Dynamic Modules allow extending the MuPAD kernel or integrating software packages within MuPAD; a graphical front-end of the MuPAD help tool is organized as a hypertext system; and MuPAD has a window based Source-Code Debugger for debugging user-defined procedures and domains which were written in the MuPAD language. Links to user comments about MuPAD; MuPAD applications; the history of MuPAD.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: General Software Miscellaneous
Math Topics: Computer Algebra

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