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Visit this site: http://www.learningbox.com/

Description: Developer of elementary mathematics software for students in grades K-5. Featured titles include The Manipulative Math Series: Logic Blocks, Base Ten Blocks, and the Peg Board (learning about sets). Shockwave Flash activities include Flowering Fractions and two games about base ten blocks, Manny's Rumba and BT Bear's Catch 10. This publisher also produces some NCTM Standards based programs including: The Math in Context Series: At The Shore (mathematical patterns and problem-solving) and In the Kitchen (Fractions, Weights, and Measures). The site provides some screen shots of the software in action, pricing, and contact information.

Levels: Elementary
Languages: English
Resource Types: Manipulatives, Educational Vendors, Instructional Packages/Games, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Fractions/Decimals/Percents, Number Sense/About Numbers, Patterns/Relationships, Logic/Foundations, Number Theory

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