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Author:Jeff Weeks
Description: Fun math toys for all ages, from the author of Exploring the Shape of Space (grades 6-10) and The Shape of Space (grades 12-16). Applets and software for various platforms. Play with tic-tac-toe, mazes, and the like, on a torus or Klein bottle. Draw symmetrical patterns based on any of the 17 tiling groups. Kali was designed especially for young children, and high school or college geometry students. Rotate tessellations of the sphere, Euclidean plane, and hyperbolic plane in real time. Also, morph from one tessellation to another in a common symmetry group, or use red-blue glasses to view tessellations in stereoscopic 3D. Explore interactive 3D animations in spherical, flat, and hyperbolic spaces with Curved Spaces. Create and study hyperbolic 3-manifolds with SnapPea. A page of materials for teachers of grades 6-10 supports the two-week classroom unit Exploring the Shape of Space. Weeks' introductory college-level book The Shape of Space has its own resource page.

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Games, Lesson Plans and Activities, Problems/Puzzles, Fun for Kids, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Topology

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