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Author:Connected Mathematics Project, Michigan State University
Description: Downloadable software designed to accompany CMP units. For the Factor Game winning strategies involve distinguishing between numbers with many factors and numbers with few factors; students analyze game strategies and are introduced to the definitions of prime and composite numbers. In the Product Game, students find products of factors, focusing on basic multiplication facts and creating their own games by selecting factors, determining products, and choosing appropriate dimensions for game boards. The Coin Game disk can be used to have the computer "flip" a "fair" or "unfair" coin a large number of times; the computer screen will display a graph showing the percent of heads. In the Tic-Tac4 Game, two students or groups of students take turns keying in the coordinates of the points where they want to locate their signs (O or X) on a grid; the winner is the first player to get four in a row along a line or around a circle. The Treasure Hunt Game is a probability game; when you play the first level, the computer hides a treasure on the first floor of the place and gives the player clues about where it is; after each clue, the player must guess which room the treasure is in and the fewer clues the player needs to find the treasure, the more points the player gets. Software may be copied for classroom use only and may not be sold or distributed.

Levels: Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics, Games, Instructional Packages/Games
Math Topics: Multiplication, Number Sense/About Numbers, Prime Numbers, Probability, Statistics

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