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The Mathematics of Fermat's Last Theorem

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Author:Charles Daney
Description: A paper describing the math behind the proof, with links at each stage to related resources and suggestions for some recent books that provide more background. If you have read about number theory you know that Fermat's Last Theorem has been one of the great unsolved problems of the field for three hundred fifty years and that a solution of the problem was claimed very recently in 1993. Experts in the field now believe that the problem really is solved. In this report, Charles Daney presents an overview of some of the mathematics that has either been developed over the years to try to solve the problem (directly or indirectly) or else which has been found to be relevant. The emphasis is on the big picture rather than on technical details.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Articles
Math Topics: Algebraic Geometry, History and Biography, Number Theory

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