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Abstract State Machines

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Author:Jim Huggins
Description: The Abstract State Machine (ASM) Project (formerly known as the Evolving Algebras Project) was started by Yuri Gurevich as an attempt to bridge the gap between formal models of computation and practical specification methods. The ASM thesis is that any algorithm can be modeled at its natural abstraction level by an appropriate ASM. Based upon this thesis, members of the ASM community have sought to develop a methodology based upon mathematics which would allow algorithms to be modeled naturally; that is, described at their natural abstraction levels. The result is a simple methodology for describing simple abstract machines which correspond to algorithms. Plentiful examples exist in the literature of ASMs applied to different types of algorithms. Materials available at this site include introductory materials, surveys and ASM extensions on methodology, as well as the following categories under the heading of applications: abstract algorithms, architectures, benchmark examples, compiler correctness, databases, distributed systems, hardware, interpreters, logic, mechanical verification, (other) models of computation, natural languages, programming languages, real-time systems, verification, WAM/logic programming, and other miscellaneous information. Site also includes indices by author and title, and links to related web and FTP sites. On-site resources available in one or more of the following formats: web pages, LaTeX, PostScript, or compressed PostScript.

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