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Hyperspace Structures: Exploring the Fourth Dimension

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Author:Burbanks, Beardmore
Description: Mpeg Movies and pictures illustrate: 1. The Hypercube: a 4 dimensional analogue of the cube. Details of its construction, along with movies of a spinning hypercube. 2. An "Inflated Hypercube": approximating the hypersphere. 3. Hyper-torus: Adding together three vectors, each rotating in 4-space with different frequencies and amplitudes, produces a trajectory along the surface of a hyper-torus. 4. How the models were produced: Details of the mathematics needed, and how to turn the numbers into an animation. 5. Useful references (recommended books).

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics, Multimedia, Bibliographies
Math Topics: Higher-Dimensional Geometry, Topology

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