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Author:Peter Alfeld; University of Utah
Description: Research-related materials: An interactive applet that lets you explore the Bernstein-Bézier form of a bivariate polynomial; recent papers, complete bibliography, recent talks, computer graphics (illustrating various mathematical concepts: US Global Positioning (GPS) System and its use in the classroom, Rudin's Example of an unshellable (three-dimensional) triangulation ("non-technical"), spherical Bernstein-Bézier Basis Functions and Interpolants), and Microscope: a software system for multivariate analysis, cowritten with Bill Harris (available free for non-commercial use). Some recent papers and talks are available in PostScript and/or dvi form or by anonymous ftp.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics, Articles, Bibliographies, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Analysis, Differential Equations

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