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The Fizz & Martina Math Series (Grades 1-6)

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Visit this site: http://www.tomsnyder.com/products/ProductDetail.asp?PS=FIZFIZ&QryType=Subject&SubjectID=1&AP=1

Author:Tom Snyder Software
Description: Each of the 4 titles of Fizz & Martina Math teaches students the process of "talking math." There are cooperative learning activities, student materials, and follow-up activities. Students work in teams to solve the problems, sifting through numbers and using oral and written skills to express themselves. As a class, they discuss the solution and the many possible strategies used for arriving at the answer. Each title includes four video episodes, 30 student workbooks, a comprehensive Teacher's Guide, black line masters, answer key, team picker cards, award cards, and a Creative Math Assessment booklet.

Levels: First Grade, Second Grade, Late Elem. (3-5), Sixth Grade
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Commercial Businesses, Software
Math Topics: Basic Operations, Estimation
Math Ed Topics: Teaching Issues/Strategies

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