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Author:Kirby Urner, 4D Solutions
Description: An Introduction to Quadrays. The game of quadrays starts with a regular tetrahedron and four rays pointing from its center to the four corners; these or any ray built from these rays are labelled 4-tuples - i.e. four numbers separated by commas and enclosed in parentheses: (a,b,c,d). Urner offers an extensive, illustrated discussion of quadrays, followed by suggestions for further reading: Quadrays and XYZ; A Study in Sphere Packing; Quadrays and the Concentric Hierarchy; Quadrays and Volume; Quadrays and Area; Color Coordinated Quadrays; Random Walk Trials an IVM; Pascal's Tetrahedron and T-Space; Gerald de Jong's Genome applet (includes Java source code); Investigations into the Linear Algebra Concepts...; Introduction to Synergetics; The concept of Dimension in Synergetics.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Games, Articles
Math Topics: Order/Lattices, Convex/Discrete Geometry, Higher-Dimensional Geometry, Number Theory, Topology

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