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Author:Kirby Urner, 4D Solutions
Description: Curriculum Concepts from the Fuller School. Primitive topologies: non-Euclidean definitions of points, lines, planes as non-zero, parameterized entities, with light affecting properties in ray traced views; Concentric hierarchy: a reference frame relating primitive polyhedra in terms of relative size, orientation, transformations (morph relations); Computer design tools using polyhedral primitives; Sphere packing: concentric packings, nucleated and non-nucleated. The octet-truss (space frame) as a standard reference lattice in crystallography; Hypertoons: networks of synergetics scenarios interlinking key frames, providing for continuous animations or user-explorable systems. Also Design Science and General Systems Theory.

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics
Math Topics: Order/Lattices, Convex/Discrete Geometry, Higher-Dimensional Geometry, Topology

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