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Author:Jon Perry
Description: Notes, applets, and proofs on a variety of open problems and conjectures: roots of x^p, highest power of 2 that divides ab + bc + ca, a prime product paradox, consecutive integers, (n + 1)!, Collatz, n-secting a line, the first lower digit, Fibonacci, prime differences, random lines (Buffon's Needle, random circles, and more), a spinning shape, 3d balls, Zapper, a simple proof of Euler's Theorem, Fermat by induction, the density of primes, odd perfect numbers, the definition of kappa, epsilon and delta functions, Riemann's hypothesis, Erdos-Moser, prime circles, anti-divisor circles, prime triangles, phi, xy - yx = 1, the irrationality of gamma, Perry zeta function, Giuga's conjecture, "knot funny" (descrambling puzzle), is p*2^p+1 ever prime?, a curious mod prime relation, a GCD conjecture, the Carmichael square root theorem, the twin prime conjecture, Germain primes, a perfect cuboid, Erdos-Strauss conjecture, Lucas-Carmichaels, extending ten squares, carry sets, prime rectangles, prime rotations, Hamiltonian cycles, four colour theorem, longest path, Barnette's conjecture, simultaneous squares, partition function, thrackles, sculptures, light trap, z-numbers, chess graphs, Ramanujan Tau function, dividing by 7, add/subtract, a prime poem, integral drawing, distance 3 graphs, triangular transform, 123 primes, and more.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Course Notes, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Modern Algebra, Discrete Math, Euclidean Plane Geometry, Number Theory, Topology

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