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Author:Beeler, Gosper, Schroeppel; Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT
Description: A list of math and computer-related problems, unsolved in 1972 when the list originated, compiled "with the hope that a record of the random things people do around here can save some duplication of effort - except for fun." Topics include: Geometry, Algebra, Calculus; Recurrence Relations; Boolean Algebra; Random Numbers; Number Theory, Primes, Probability; Automata Theory; Games; Proposed Computer Programs; Continued Fractions; Group Theory; Set Theory; Quaternions; Polyominos; Topology; Series; Flows and Iterated Functions; Pi; Programming Hacks; Programming Algorithms, Heuristics; and Hardware.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles
Math Topics: Algebra, Group Theory, Prime Numbers, Pi, Cellular Automata, Geometry, History and Biography, Set Theory, Number Theory, Probability, Topology, Computer Science

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