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Visit this site: http://www.abc.net.au/countusin/

Author:Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Description: Fifteen colorful counting and math games designed to help young children understand basic number concepts. Each game has directions and some have levels of difficulty to choose from. Number concepts include: Comparing and Classifying; Patterning; Counting; Ordinal Numbers; Representing Number 1-5; Representing Number 6-10; Addition; Subtraction; Data; Time; Numbers; Chance; Halves; Length; Volume. Teacher resource materials are available for each number concept. The games can be played interactively online and can also be downloaded in PC and Mac versions. The online versions require Flash.

Levels: Elementary
Languages: English
Resource Types: Games
Math Topics: Arithmetic/Early Math, Calendars/Dates/Time, Higher-Dimensional Geometry

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