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The 15 Most Famous Transcendental Numbers

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Author:Cliff Pickover
Description: Numbers like e = 2.718..., pi = 3.1415..., and 2^(sqrt 3) are transcendental. These numbers are not the solutions of polynomial expressions having rational coefficients. The digits of pi and e never end, nor has anyone detected an orderly pattern in their arrangement. Pickover's 15 Most Famous: pi; e; Euler's constant; Catlan's constant; Liouville's number; Chaitin's "constant"; Chapernowne's number; Special values of the zeta function, such as zeta (3); ln(2); Hilbert's number; e^pi; pi^e; Morse-Thue's number; i^i; Feigenbaum numbers. For more information, see Pickover's book Chaos in Wonderland from which the material on this page is excerpted.

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Math Topics: Number Sense/About Numbers

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