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Author:Terry McConnell, Mathematics Department, Syracuse University
Description: Download PDFs of tests given in McConnell's introductory calculus, Math 295. "Stuff" ranges from a remark on average velocity and an expository paper showing the details of how to derive the second order correction to the period of a plane pendulum using both time dependent and time independent perturbation theory to essays entitled "Why Can't I divide by zero" and "If the Moon is Green Cheese, then I'm a Monkey's Uncle," which discusses the nature of logical implication connective. Read research on the Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski sequence, the expected time to find a string in a random binary sequence, and an inequality related to the birthday problem. Applets include a simulation of Brownian motion paths; an implementation of Conway's cellular automata game Life; and Age Now, which takes three parameters -- a year, a month, and a day of the month -- and then computes and prints the exact age of that person today. Download Minix software by ftp, as well as a Morse code program, an interactive Venn diagram program, a Markov chain random text generating program, and a Java application with supporting classes for creating truth tables from well-formed formulas in propositional calculus. Also, a script to generate long division examples online.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles, Articles, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Topic Tools Miscellaneous, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Division, Calculus (Single Variable), Cellular Automata, Logic/Foundations, Probability, Stochastic Processes

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