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Visit this site: http://www.york.cuny.edu/~malk/

Author:Joseph Malkevitch, York College (CUNY-The City University of New York)
Description: Malkevitch's interests include geometry (polytopes, graph theory, tilings, etc.), discrete mathematics, and mathematical modeling (especially models dealing with fairness and equity issues and codes of all kinds). Most of his research concerns using combinatorial methods (graph theory) to solve problems about polyhedra. His interests related to education include public perceptions of mathematics and mathematicians, techniques versus themes for organizing the content of mathematics, training "ambassadors" for mathematics, providing a non-standard look at geometry for children, and mathematics in the news. With links to unusual research problems for high school students and accompanying glossary, open problems suitable for undergraduates, and materials for courses such as Geometric Structures, Game Theory, the "Seminar In Fairness and Equity" (on elections and voting), and an honors seminar on the Digital Revolution (binary arithmetic, pixel pictures, modular arithmetic, modular arithmetic and codes, error-correction codes, data compression, Huffman Codes, and more).

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Courses, Problems/Puzzles, Articles, Bibliographies, Dictionaries, Glossaries, Thesauri
Math Topics: Discrete Math, Geometry, Polyhedra, Computer Science, Political Science
Math Ed Topics: Curriculum/Materials Development, Public Understanding of Math

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