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Author:Shelley Walsh
Description: "Little self-contained articles [that] write up more than you can normally fit in a lecture, and ... hopefully put together enough explanation so that there's something for a great variety of different ways of thinking." Organized into Geometry; Analytic Geometry; History, such as on Egyptian operations and "Gelosia Multiplication"; Basics, such as "The Order of Grouping Agreement"; Algebra, such as "Translating Verbal Expressions to Variable Expressions," "Translating Sentences into Equations," "How to Solve Percent Increase and Decrease Problems," and "Synthetic Division"; Unit Conversion ("Chasing Cheetahs": "some interesting examples of dimensional analysis ... including figuring out how fast Maurice Greene can run in mph"); and Trigonometry, such as "Starting with the Cosine Difference Formula" and "Double Angles and Half Angles" ("how to get these trigonometry formulas from the sum formulas, etc."). See also Walsh's page on Python for Mathematics Students. Also available at http://faculty.ed.umuc.edu/~swalsh/Math%20Articles/MathArt.html.

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Course Notes, Articles, Tutorials, Topic Tools Miscellaneous
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Basic Operations, Exponents/Roots, Factors, Fractions/Decimals/Percents, Logarithms, Communicating Math, Analytic Geometry, Euclidean Plane Geometry, History and Biography, Functions, Trigonometry
Math Ed Topics: Computers

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