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Physics Problems for the Next Millennium

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Author:David Gross, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
Description: The ten most important unsolved problems in fundamental physics, as formulated by participants of the University of Michigan's Strings 2000 Conference: Are all the (measurable) dimensionless parameters that characterize the physical universe calculable in principle or are some merely determined by historical or quantum mechanical accident and uncalculable? How can quantum gravity help explain the origin of the universe? What is the lifetime of the proton and how do we understand it? Is nature supersymmetric, and if so, how is supersymmetry broken? Why does the universe appear to have one time and three space dimensions? Why does the cosmological constant have the value that it has, is it zero and is it really constant? What are the fundamental degrees of freedom of M-theory, and does the theory describe nature? What is the resolution of the black hole information paradox? What physics explains the enormous disparity between the gravitational scale and the typical mass scale of the elementary particles? Can we quantitatively understand quark and gluon confinement in quantum chromodynamics and the existence of a mass gap? See also narrated slides on these open problems, as delivered by Professor Gross.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Multimedia, Problems/Puzzles
Math Topics: Physics

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