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Author:Leila Schneps et al.
Description: Alexandre Grothendieck's published articles, unpublished research, letters, and translations: The Cohomology Theory of Abstract Algebraic Varieties, Standard Conjectures on Algebraic Cycles, Hodge's General Conjecture Is False for Trivial Reasons, Groupes de Barsotti-Tate et Cristaux, Six Exposés on the Cohomology of Schemes, A General Theory of Fibre Spaces with Structure Sheaf, La Longue Marche à travers la théorie de Galois, Les Dérivateurs, Fondements de la Géométrie Algébrique, Pursuing Stacks, and more. Also, biographical material on the life and origins of the 1966 Fields medalist. Also available from http://www.math.jussieu.fr/~leila/grothendieckcircle/index.php.

Levels: Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Articles, Bibliographies
Math Topics: Modern Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, History and Biography, Logic/Foundations, Number Theory

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