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De Viribus Quantitatis

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Author:The University of Bologna
Description: Luca Pacioli, a Franciscan monk, mathematics tutor, and colleague of Leonardo Da Vinci, wrote this foundational text of modern magic and numerical puzzles between 1496 and 1508. De Viribus Quantitatis (On the Powers of Numbers) contains the first ever reference to card tricks and some of the earliest recorded European examples of numerical puzzles; guidance on how to juggle, eat fire and make coins dance; and insights into Da Vinci's life and work. Often called the father of modern accountancy, Pacioli also authored the first published description of double-entry bookkeeping, accountancy's basic technique.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: Italian
Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles, Books, Recreations
Math Topics: Arithmetic/Early Math, History and Biography

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