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Author:Sadie Bowman and Marc Gutman
Description: Blog of the performers starring in "Calculus: The Musical!" This comic "review" blend of sketch comedy, musical theatre, and lecture about the concepts and history of calculus emerged as a teaching tool from the classroom of Gutman, who "... found that setting formulas and rules to music helped his students learn and retain tricky information. 'Maxima' and 'minima' is an abstract concept to a lot of us, but when sung as a rousing 'Can-Can' chorus, it's fun and easy to remember!" Using musical parodies that span genres from light opera to hip hop, Bowman and Gutman introduce and illuminate such concepts as limits, integration and differentiation, dramatizing some high points of calculus' history. Musical tributes reference The Beatles, Gilbert & Sullivan, Madonna, Petula Clark and Eminem. Through the website -- also available at http://www.calculusthemusical.com/ -- book their act, check out their tour calendar, read critics' reviews, preview lyrics, purchase the audio CD, watch video, and more.

Levels: High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Audio, Video, Web-Based Discussions, Fun for Kids, Humor
Math Topics: Calculus (Single Variable), Communicating Math, History and Biography

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