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Author:Michael Sakowski
Description: Answers to the question "Where will I ever use algebra?" Examples of how "the process of learning higher mathematics provides valuable skills in deductive reasoning and symbolic reasoning, in addition to math skills used directly in science and engineering applications." Lessons using cooperative groups include activities on complex numbers, linear equations, and absolute value equations. mathmotivation.com also has sheets of properties of real numbers, complex numbers, and equations. The section on deductive reasoning offers outlines that address "How Deductive Proof Prepared Albert Einstein For Calculus and Physics," "How Advertisers use Logic To Write Ads," "Using the Deductive Reasoning, Wiggle Words, and Logic in Politics," "Use of Guilt and Giving in Fundraising," and "Using Logic To Explain How a 3-way Switch Works." Topics in symbolic reasoning range from "Computer Programming in PHP" to "Poll Data Margin of Error" to "Standard Deviation Formula." Also, read how four-year degree holders who take more math earn a million dollars more in lifetime earnings, and how website programmers earn a lot of money, seeing algebra's similarity to coding language along the way.

Levels: High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Definitions
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Linear Algebra, Imaginary/Complex Numbers, Rational/Irrational Numbers, Mathematics of Investment/Finance, Computer Science, Physics, Political Science
Math Ed Topics: Grouping/Cooperative Learning, Psychological/Affective Issues, Public Understanding of Math

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