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A compendium of NP optimization problems

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Author:Crescenzi & Kann
Description: A continuously updated catalog of approximability results for NP optimization problems. Because no NP-complete problem can be solved in polynomial time (unless P=NP), many approximability results (both positive and negative) of NP-hard optimization problems have appeared in the technical literature. This collection includes a large number of these results. Graph theory; network design; sets and partitions; storage and retrieval; sequencing and scheduling; mathematical programming; algebra and number theory; games and puzzles; logic; automata and language theory; program optimization; bibliography; index.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Link Listings, Articles, Bibliographies
Math Topics: Graph Theory, Logic/Foundations, Set Theory, Algebraic Number Theory, Sequences and Sets, Computer Algebra, Formal Languages and Automata

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