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Description: Articles, discussion groups, professional advice, suggestions, and other resources for children of preschool and younger, elementary school, middle school, and high school and beyond. Resources topics include activities, health and safety, homework help, learning disabilities and special needs, news and policy, parenting, and school. Reviews of math sites and books; articles about math education ranging from national standards and standardized testing to particular curricula and gender equity in the math classroom. Sign up for "free stuff" such as CDs, software, and other products; product recall alerts; and sneak previews of new educational software. FEN Message Boards offer a place to discuss educational issues and concerns. "Go Local" to your state where member schools get online access to sports and activity calendars, school board and PTA minutes, school menus, school phone numbers, email addresses and more. Participate in polls and quizzes.

Languages: English
Resource Types: Discussion Archives, Web-Based Discussions, Link Listings, Articles
Math Ed Topics: Assessment/Testing, Materials-Reviews/Recommendations, Disabled/Challenged, Teaching Styles/Practices, Reform, Standards, Women, Public Understanding of Math

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