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Description: Digitizing play-by-play accounts of Major League Baseball games from the past century through the present. Freely download event files, which detail "literally every play" in big league baseball; game logs; schedules; narratives, which provide text play-by-play descriptions of each boxscore; team and player seasonal and career statistics, including many "splits"; histories of every major league franchise; top individual and team batting and pitching performances; dates of individual milestones for season and career hits, homers, stolen bases, wins, strikeouts, saves; batter/pitcher matchups; year-end and in-season standings; post-season and All Star Game boxes; trades and other transactions; major league managers and their teams' records; members of the Hall of Fame and winners of more than 25 other types of awards and honors; major league umpires and data about their assignments; numbers of ejections by year for each player, manager, and coach; places of births and deaths and cemetery locations; and much more. "Special features" include in-depth coverage of Jackie Robinson's batting splits and other data from his regular season performances, as extracted from scoresheets kept by "Allan Roth, Branch Rickey's right hand man"; game details of the first big league game ever played; and ongoing historical examination of "pre-baseball" games, dating back hundreds of years. Download research papers written with Retrosheet data, bearing such as "Modeling Rare Baseball Events," "Momentum and Winning Streaks," "The Value Added Approach to Evaluating Performance," "Do Base Stealers Help the Next Batters?" and "Should Pitchers Bat 9th?" Browse Retrosheet newsletters (1994-2002) for line-up card disputes, strange and unusual plays, and other quirks that have occurred during the national pastime.

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Articles, Recreations
Math Topics: Data Analysis, Data Sets, Sports

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