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Author:Suzanne Alejandre, Frisbie Middle School
Description: Twenty-nine percent of Frisbie's student population is Limited English Proficient; Arabic, Cambodian, Chinese, German, Indonesian, Korean, Philipino, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Samoan, Spanish, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Urdu are represented. In 1993-94 Math Fair activities in English and Spanish included Navajo Burntwater Designs; Building A Pyramid; Sands Along the Nile; Anybody Know the Time?; Towers of Hanoi; Chinese Tangram Puzzles; Srinivasa's Spheres; Sonya's Symmetry; Using Kali; and Mayan Math. Sites from which to download software to use with the activities; student comments; photos of Frisbie students at the fair; and Math Fair and Interdisciplinary links were included.

Levels: Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English, Spanish
Resource Types: Games, Manipulatives, Problems/Puzzles, Internet-Based Projects, Link Listings, Archives/Download Sites, Topic Tools Miscellaneous
Math Topics: Calendars/Dates/Time, Patterns/Relationships, Discrete Math, Symmetry/Tessellations
Math Ed Topics: Multiculturalism, Games, Models of Use

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