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Author:Dan Meyer
Description: Meyer has taught high school math since 2004, and blogged about it since September, 2006, with two interests in particular: curriculum design (answering the question, "how we design the ideal learning experience for students?") and teacher education (answering the questions, "how do teachers learn?" and "how do we retain more teachers?" and "how do we teach teachers to teach?"). Posts have included "Why I Don't Assign Homework," "Graphing Stories," "The Pretty Circle," "Contest: The Four Slide Sales Pitch," "Linear Fun #2: Stacking Cups," "Carnival of Education 115," "Method Teaching," "Teacher Of The Year: Lil Wayne," "The Comprehensive Math Assessment Resource," "How Math Must Assess," "Career Crisis #2 (of 2)," "Nobody Fails," "Web 2.0: Education's Accidental Friend," and "Dear Technology Coordinators:...." See also, and contribute to, Meyer's collection of Three Act Math lessons.

Levels: High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Web-Based Discussions
Math Ed Topics: Problem-Solving, Math Ed Research/Reform

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