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Author:Wade Luders
Description: KinderIQ provides learning activities with immediate audio and visual feedback to help children master the early-childhood skills needed in kindergarten. The company also provides freely downloadable PDFs of worksheets, activities, and learning games: shape classification; ordinal number match; telling time; number writing skills; number flashcards; counting skills with dice; number maze; understanding tally marks; missing numbers; practicing more than; practicing less than; fractions; graphing; pattern recognition and extension; shape scavenger hunt; make a calendar; measuring around the house; weather graph; coin graph and valuation; scene order; skip counting dot-to-dot; counting by twos, fives, or tens (how many blueberries do you see?); counting objects (look at the tally marks and count by 5's to see what number is shown); estimation (about how many elephants would fit in your bedroom? about how many jelly beans are in the jar?); fractions (which jar is half full? which pizza is cut in fourths or quarters?); graphs and probability; object comparisons (are there more penguins or owls? which group has 10 objects? 4? more than 10? the least?); patterns (which comes next in the pattern?); simple addition and subtraction; number recognition (find the number...., or look at the tally marks....); basic shapes (how many circles do you see? ovals? octagons? which object is most shaped like a square? which shape has 3 sides?); days, months, and seasons (which group most represents fall or autumn?); measuring (look at the tape measure; how many inches long is the box?.... which animal is bigger? is the lightest? which container will hold more water?); money concepts (which coin is worth the most? which group of coins has the same value as a dime? which group of coins is worth the most? which one is the nickel?); object sorting and classification; positional concepts (look at the series of pictures; which one happened first?.... which object is above the airplane? which one is under the table?); times of the day (what time is shown on the clock? which clock most likely shows the time you eat dinner?); and more.

Levels: Early Elem. (PreK-2)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Problems/Puzzles, Educational Vendors
Math Topics: Arithmetic/Early Math

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