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Author:Kevin Liu
Description: Online math tools include an average calculator, base converter, base-n calculator, binary calculator, binary converter, binary to decimal converter, binary to hex converter, binary to octal converter, bitwise calculator, compound interest calculator, confidence interval calculator, cube and cube root calculator, decimal to binary converter, decimal to fraction calculator, decimal to hex converter, decimal to octal converter, factorial calculator, find minimum and maximum, first n digits of e, first n digits of pi, first n prime numbers, fraction calculator, fraction to decimal calculator, fraction to mixed number converter, fraction to percent converter, geometric mean calculator, greatest common factor calculator, hex to binary converter, hex to decimal converter, hex to octal converter, list of Fibonacci numbers, list of prime numbers, lowest common multiple calculator, mean median mode calculator, number of digits, octal to binary converter, octal to decimal converter, octal to hex converter, percentage calculator, percentage change calculator, percent error calculator, population variance calculator, prime factorization calculator, quotient and remainder calculator, randomize numbers, random decimal number generator, random integer generator, root mean square calculator, sample size calculator, simplifying fractions calculator, sort numbers, square numbers list, square root calculator, standard deviation calculator, standard error calculator, sum of positive integers calculator, sum of squares calculator, variance calculator, arithmetic mean calculator, divide into two parts, mean calculator, median calculator, mode calculator, harmonic mean calculator, hex calculator, combination calculator, permutation calculator, percentage increase calculator, percentage decrease calculator, percent calculator, natural log calculator, mixed number to fraction converter, comparing fractions, highest common factor calculator, least common multiple calculator, prime factor calculator, LCM calculator, GCF calculator, and "Is it a prime number?" See also MiniWebtool's tools for finance, date, and time.

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Arithmetic/Early Math, Combinatorics, Fibonacci Sequence, Data Analysis, Probability, Statistics

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