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Author:Jan Gombert
Description: Gombert's five "gadgets" provide simple challenges that combine addition, multiplication, and two- or three-dimensional geometry. Balancing Act shows three values on a beam to balance by addition. Make a given perimeter or area by resizing the figure on the grid in Shape Up. Jive challenges you to take the digits given and create ten different equalities by adding, multiplying, or re-grouping. Evocative of Minesweeper, Find Rex conceals a rectangle within its grid; deduce the quadrilateral's area by clicking the grid to reveal either its component squares or those outside the hidden rectangle. Cubit provides practice with factoring in the context of three dimensions: use a given number of cubes to make the rectangular parallelepiped with the volume specified. Each "mimlets" counts down a two-minute time limit, and tracks scores.

Levels: Late Elem. (3-5), Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Games, Problems/Puzzles, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Multiplication, Factors, Polyhedra, Coordinate Plane Geometry

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