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Author:Vi Hart
Description: Blog, videos of math "doodling," instructions for slicing food mathematically, and more from the self-described recreational mathemusician who considers math a hobby, with "special interests in symmetry, polyhedra, and surreal complexity. This usually manifests as collaborative research in computational geometry and other areas of theoretical computer science, or as mathematical art." Blog posts, which date to back November, 2008, have included "Frieze Music," "The Sound of Paper," "Möbius Music Box," "Mathematical Balloon Twisting," "Hyperbolic Beading," and "Lollipop Polyhedron"; videos include "Doodling in Math Class," "Doodling Infinity Elephants," and "The Gauss Christmath Special"; "mathematical food" includes photos and experiments regarding the hyperbolic nature of dried fruit slices.

Levels: Late Elem. (3-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Audio, Video, Web-Based Discussions, Recreations
Math Topics: Computational Geometry, Polyhedra, Hyperbolic Geometry, Number Theory, Art, Music, Computer Science

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