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Visit this site: http://www.johndcook.com/blog/category/math/

Author:John D. Cook
Description: Cook's blog posts, which date back to January, 2008, have included "A Ramanujan series for calculating pi," "Limerick primes," "Twin prime conjecture and the Pentium division bug," "Three surprises with the trapezoid rule," "Where to wait for an elevator," "Sledgehammer technique for trig integrals," "Approximations with Pythagorean triangles," "Diagram of Bessel function relationships," "Rosenbrock’s banana function," "Why computers have two zeros: +0 and -0," "C# math gotchas," "Ten surprises from numerical linear algebra," "Soft maximum," "Twelve Days of Christmas and tetrahedral numbers," "Power laws and the generalized CLT," "The silver ratio," "Metabolism and power laws," "Splitting a convex set through its center," "Draw a bigger picture," "Star of David theorem," "Four uncommon but handy math notations," "Try the simplest thing that could possibly work," "Jenga mathematics," "In praise of tedious proofs," "Honeybee genealogy," "The law of small numbers," "Why care about spherical trig?" and "How many trig functions are there?" Cook does "very applied math, using math to solve real-world problems, often in combination with computing, consulting, managing, and marketing." He teaches statistics for The University of Texas's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles, Web-Based Discussions

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