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Author:Arvind Gupta
Description: Step-by-step photographic instructions for building elegantly simple, colorful "Math Magic" do-it-yourself manipulatives: Abacus, Flexagon, Triangle Grid, Flat Flexagon, Slipper Insets, Folding Pentagon, Tangram, Paper Octagon, Cylinder and Cone, Area of Triangle, Inset Puzzle, A4 to Pentagon, Clock Face Cut Cake, Triangle to Square, Triangle to Rectangle, No-Glue Cube, Roulette, Geoboard, Star Patterns, Soap Films, Soap Path, Paper Diamonds, Paper Cobweb, Circle to Ellipse, Fun Fractions, Square Box, T-Puzzle, Plus Puzzle, Old Slipper Insets, Diameter of Refill, Square to Cylinder, Finger Multiplication, Broomstick Multiplication, Paper Protractor, Envelope Tetrahedron, Circle to Rectangle, Rectangle to Circle, Add Angles, Möbius Twist, Folding Parabola, Pythagoras Theorem, Bit by Bit (binary counting on your fingers), Prismatic Patterns, Which Holds More? and more. Some of these homemade constructions come with "one minute films" in English, Hindi, Malaysian, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, Kannada, and other languages. Others feature PDFs to download for more detailed instructional prompts. See also Gupta's categories "Amazing Astronomy," "Pumps from the Dump," "Paper Fun," "Tipping Toppling Toys," "Motor and Generator," "Electricity and Magnetism," "Newton Unplugged," "Fun with Pressure," "Fun with Light," "Simple Sounds," "Strong Structures," "Flying Toys," "Force Fun," "Spinning Toys," "Air and Water," and "String Games." Gupta has won recognition from the Indian National Science Academy (Indira Gandhi Award for Science Popularisation), the Council of Science Education International (Mary McCurdy Award), and the National Association for the Blind among many other awards.

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Video, Manipulatives, Fun for Kids
Math Topics: Polyhedra, Constructions, Transformational Geometry, Acoustics, Electromagnetic Theory, Optics

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