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Author:Yong, Darryl; and Borrelli, Robert, Principal Investigators
Description: The Community of Ordinary Differential Equations Educators (CODEE) seeks to improve the teaching and learning of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) through modeling, computer experiments, and other active learning projects. Freely download expository articles that "advance the art and practice of the teaching and learning of ODEs"; classroom-ready projects and activities relating to ODEs; and reviews of software, books and other materials related to the teaching and learning of ODEs. Software includes the ODE Toolkit, a Java program that helps users calculate, visualize, and explore solutions to ordinary differential equations; and ODE Architect, a Windows software package that provides an interactive software environment for constructing and exploring your own ODE models of real-world phenomena. CODEE's community digital library receives support from the Harvey Mudd College Department of Mathematics and National Science Foundation (NSF).

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles, Journals, Bibliographies, Symbolic Processors/General
Math Topics: Ordinary Differential Equations

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